Friday, November 29, 2013

Copyright Disclaimer

This is a statement qualifying the issue of copyright in the songs for sale on my websites and on itunes and other vendors. All the songs are 100% my own or have music with free use or purchased rights to utilize and resell except for the following songs. Kryptonite Odyssey 2013 was written by another party. The lyrics are mine. I am pledging to share royalties on a 50/50 basis until such time as an agreement is made. Time To Heal The Earth was written by me but the drum roll in the background was written by another party. I am pledging to share royalties on a 50/50 basis until such time as an agreement is made. All other music not of my own creation was either taken from the internet where it was placed for the express purpose of the commons, or the music was purchased with full rights to use and resell. All lyrics are 100% my own creation. Nearly all of the video in the music videos is not of my own creation. These videos were and are being shared 100% free online. None of the individual video contributions are used for more than 20 seconds. The doctrine of fair use is cited as a means of using raw video placed online. No resale is involved. No excessive use of one work is involved. The videos tell a story that promotes the common good in a responsible manner. There is no obscene or graphic content. All authors who request credit for their contributions will be complied with. The definition of plagiarism is to claim the works of another as your own creation. I have never done so. Any errors in acknowledging individual contributions in my work will be corrected as they are brought to my attention. I wish to thank all the creative individuals whose work I have built upon to create music videos, songs, and books. I do hereby acknowledge all such contributions. Marshall Thomas

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