Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tin Foil Hat:

Tin Foil Hat: Half a million people were used as Cold War-era NBC weapons experiments. The Human Radiation Experiment patient Elmer Allen was called paranoid schizophrenic when he told his family doctor. These war crimes were covered up 1943 until 1995 when the government itself decided to make this program public. No one went to jail.
The FBI’s Cointelpro and CIA’s MKchaos waged a secret counterinsurgency war against political activists. Abbie Hoffman and other activists complained about Cointelpro harassment and surveillance were called paranoid by the press. No agent was ever punished.
The CIA’s MKULTRA survivors as children were severely traumatized in the lab to induce multiple personality disorder. Today they live in the shadows and do not admit to physicians that they are victims of MKULTRA to avoid the mental health stigma of being classified as paranoid schizophrenics. Please read Bluebird by Colin Ross and visits, Advocacy committee for human experimental survivors (mind control).
The USSR used forcible institution of dissidents in mental hospitals and destroyed them with experimental drugs. A US Army study in 1972, Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR, describes how experiments were used on Soviet dissidents to, “make them give their will over to some superior outside force”. These techniques and perhaps these weapons were used to break them down in behavior modification experiments, turning them into psychiatric cases.
The military uses biscuit teams composed of medical doctors, psychologists, and interrogation specialists to individually tailor a program of physical and psychological torture to each terror suspect in order to exploit their cultural and personality weaknesses. Many different small attacks and stress factors are loaded one on top of the other until the cumulative weight breaks down the ability to resist and turns them into psychiatric cases. This strategy of applying many small stress factors over a long period of time to break the mind and body of the subject is the same strategy used against people targeted with microwave weapons and organized stalking.
The author has personally interviewed over 200 targets, most have a history of political activism or are whistleblowers. The average target is 40 and has an IQ above 120. They describe similar accounts of microwave weapons attacks and organized stalking. They live in different parts of the country and have never met yet they are telling the same basic story. I have personally seen physical injuries such as burns and witnessed vigilante stalking. History is clear that these types of crimes have happened before, and were successfully covered up. It is irresponsible and dishonest to claim that this current war crime is not possible and that this is not happening without a complete and thorough investigation. The explanation of mass hysteria does not hold up. If the survivors of these various programs come forward they are classified as paranoid schizophrenics. Considering the fate of all the previous human experimental subjects and activists it is a statistical certainty that the current EMW victims would be considered crazy.

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