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Monarch Concepts Explained

Monarch Concepts 501 (C) 3 nonprofit (pending) is dedicated to justice for victims of torture. In an attempt to avoid fraud and hacking, multiple internet platforms are used to display films, books, songs, and merchandise used to raise money for the cause. This strategy is designed so that if one or more sites are blocked or destroyed, some sites will remain viable. Purchases and donations can be made on numerous websites, and payments can be sent through and check or money order by snail mail. Film sales are made through eBay lulu Amazon vimeo itunes and others. Even an E purchase and download of a song for .99 cents will help our cause. The goal is to amass a war chest for legal expenses and a publicity campaign. There are many examples of nonprofit organizations being taken away from the original founding member(s). To avoid the risk of this possibility, 50% of the intellectual property of the author will go to the author (Marshall Gregory Thomas). By dividing funds into two separate accounts, financial destruction of the nonprofit alone will not destroy the resistance. Funds will be divided along the following lines. 100% of all donations will go to Monarch Concepts. 50% of film, book, song, and merchandise sales will go to Monarch Concepts, and 50% of film, book, song, and merchandise sales will go to the author. 100% of the autobiography written by the author will go to the author. This division of resources is a continuation of the overall strategy of using multiple platforms to evade defeat should some be compromised. The author wishes to state publicly that all funds will go towards the resistance, not just those funds that go to the nonprofit Monarch Concepts. An independent accounting firm will be retained, and financial records of both Monarch Concepts and the author will be published online and updated every thirty days. If you have made a donation or purchase to aid the victims of torture, please accept my profound gratitude on their behalf. It is my personal promise to all of you, targets and citizens alike, that the struggle for freedom and justice will continue as long as life continues, no matter what tactics are used, or what attacks are made to defame, demoralize, and destroy. Marshall Gregory Thomas

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Precognition Explained

Mystical Experience:
The answer to how I got to this point in life is not from one single factor by itself. It was a journey that began with two words...Joseph Campbell. I read his books many times to absorb the strange concepts he explained, until they sank into my being. Also reading the books he discussed such as The Golden Bough. Another author who influenced me was Kazantzakis who wrote a modern Odyssey. These books were the capstone of a lifetime of reading. My parents read to me as a child and our home was filled with books. At times I read 2-3 books a week. At the age of 25 I began searching and began to take long walks in a nature preserve and photograph and observe animal behavior. I would walk for 3 hours or more in the woods photographing every life form imaginable. I developed a strong identification with the natural world and all living things, in religious terms it might be referred to as Jainism. This was my very own intense religion, the only one I have ever had and the woods and forests were my only church.
Part of what has transformed me was intense human suffering that went on for years. In 1995 while traveling in Central America I became very ill and developed an autoimmune disease that left me physically disabled and unable to work. I lived in my head, moved into a cabin in the woods. A friend of mine said I had gone off alone to die like a dog. After four years of progressive deterioration due to illness I was disabled mentally and physically, reduced to sitting in a chair. The symptoms were those of a brain disease. My eyes rolled halfway back into my head, I could not stand bright light, or loud sounds, it was physically painful. When I walked from the bed to the chair I had a terror of falling down and not being able to get back up. I could not watch TV or listen to music or read. The sounds and images moved too fast for me to follow and interpret them, it was all a confusing painful blur. I could only speak in very short simple sentences and any effort to talk left me exhausted. After months I started to come out of the worst and gradually recovered by listening to classical music for months. As the cathedrals of sound made sense to me on a deeper level I began to write the music in my head and anticipate the next note while listening to the baroque masterpieces. After months of this slow recovery I began to hear music in my head like I was listening to the radio. It had a quality of spontaneity and I could turn it on or off at will. At first it was music I had heard but later it was music I had written in my head and music I did not recognize. The degradation of my mental capacity and the subsequent recovery listening to music changed the nature of my consciousness. About a year before the mystical experience I heard music playing in my head constantly but it was not oppressive because I could turn it on or off at will. As soon as I recovered I headed up into the mountains where my family had been going for several generations. I believe that the illness accomplished what mystics spend a lifetime trying to do which is to get past their own conscious minds that are holding them back and obscuring a deeper reality.
I was on my mountain in New Mexico at the Continental Divide, about 10, 000 feet, and I sat down on a large boulder in the river. As the first rays of the longest day crested the top of the mountain a faint prism formed above the rapids. Soon a small rainbow was dancing from right to left and back again, 2-3 feet tall on top of the rapids, given birth by the spray. The colors became more brilliant and the light strands became taller as the moments passed. The strands of rainbow light rose gradually higher up into the air so that sitting on the boulder I had to tilt my head back and look up higher and higher at the display above me. As it slowly grew larger I started to hear music. A magical symphony began playing in my head. It was my spontaneous music so all I had to do was to listen. The music was some of the most beautiful music I had ever heard. I wanted to grab a pin and write it down but I realized if I went for the pen I'd break contact. I would lose the music as it flowed out of me but it was the only way to experience it. I mourned for a moment for the loss of the incredible music but quickly resigned myself. I started to place notes exactly where the columns of light danced. Gradually the music and light strands became syncopated. The light seemed to dance to the lines of music coming out of my head. It now became my very own light harp that responded to the music playing in my head. The intensity of pure joy that the light harp and the music made me feel was overpowering. It was as if my sense of the beauty of the universe was overwhelming me and making me pass out but I did not lose consciousness, quite the opposite. I was completely overcome by the profound sense of beauty and wonder at the spectacle . My eyes began to slowly roll back in my head and the image of a streaming river of yellow and gold colored light opened in a vision. The golden light seemed to flow to me as the river flowed to me and spread across my entire field of vision. After a few moments of traversing the golden yellow zone a far light began to shine. At the far end of the river of yellow and gold there was a single ray of white light as if from the opening of a pinhole or a small doorway that grew larger and the distant beacon concentrated itself on me. I felt as if I stood in a presence reaching out to me to bestow a communication, yet no words were spoken. I faintly remember thinking yes in answer to the presence. I tipped over completely into another realm of consciousness. I woke gradually as if coming out of a very deep trance. Ever so slowly I realized where and who I was and became more aware of my surroundings. My eyes had been rolled back in my head and I sat in a perfect lotus position with my hands in the lotus position thumb and forefinger forming a circle. My legs were crossed as I had never been able to do before. The sun and shadows were indicating afternoon not morning. I had no clear idea what had happened in those lost hours. I leaned forward and humbly said thank you. I concentrated hard for the meaning before I moved, like trying to remember a dream before you get out of bed. The central idea that impressed itself upon me was that I would be destroyed, my body and my personality would be obliterated but that something very central to my core being was that same light that I had witnessed and that had transformed me forever. At our core we are all a part of this light that infuses everything everywhere and goes on forever. At our core we cannot be destroyed. I would be physically destroyed and my personality would be destroyed but at my core I would go on forever as part of the ecstatic brilliance I had experienced. I couldn't place this experience with other similar experiences in my life so I didn't know how to incorporate it. I kind of buried it in the back of my mind and went on with life.
After this experience I had premonitions of momentous events before they occurred, usually events that affected millions of people. Sometimes it is kind of hit and miss because I don’t know where and when it will happen and sometimes I do know where and when it will happen. I close my eyes and concentrate hard and hear a deep rumbling sound and the earth begins to shake violently for about twenty seconds. I can tell it was morning and the event was about a six or seven on the Richter scale. I feel that many people will be deeply affected by the event. Besides knowing that it will happen in about two weeks and the entire world will know...that is about all I can tell about the earth quake event. In another premonition, I lie awake in bed at six thirty in the morning and close my eyes and feel and hear the earth rumble for about ten seconds. I knew the earthquake was about a four on the Richter scale and the location was the New Madrid Fault, and it would happen very early in the morning. This power is too ephemeral to predict if one can interpret the vision correctly and then to act upon it is very problematic...who am I supposed to tell. I wanted to tell people, to warn them, but could not find the courage to say I was clairvoyant and tell strangers that I knew something bad was about to happen. The vision is drawn back down into my unconscious mind, like a strong undertow, to be forgotten even as I fight to retain it.
Joseph Campbell wrote the following that applies to the solitary journey. "Equally, the birth, life, and death of the individual may be regarded as a descent into unconsciousness and return. The hero is the one who, while still alive, knows and represents the claims of the super consciousness which throughout creation is more or less unconscious. The adventure of the hero represents the moment in his life when he achieved illumination –the nuclear moment when, while still alive, he found and opened the road to the light beyond the dark walls of our living death". From a lecture by a Joseph Campbell, he said, "Why re-enter such a world? Why attempt to make plausible or even interesting, to men and women consumed with passion, the experience of transcendental bliss? As dreams that were momentous by night may seem simply silly in the light of day, so the poet and the prophet can discover themselves playing the idiot before a jury of sober eyes. The easy thing is to commit the whole community to the devil and retire again into the heaven rock-dwelling, close the door and make it fast".
These capabilities are not some new leap in evolution, rather the ability itself is archaic, ancient in origin. Ten thousand years ago a hunter is walking down a river bed and a mountain lion appears on a ledge behind him about to leap. If the hunter feels the hair on the back of his neck stand up and realizes he is being watched he is more likely to react first and escape his brush with death, and to live and pass along his genes. If he is not perceptive he will probably be killed. The ability to foresee events was more common in a pre-industrial age if only because the background chaos of modern life drowns out the quiet voice. In western cultures, two thousand years ago, clairvoyant experiences were considered invaluable. The Greeks were famous for their clairvoyants, the Oracles of Delphi. The Romans had men and women who were openly accepted as clairvoyants. In every indigenous culture, in every corner of the world, people practice their own versions of Shamanism. Sitting Bull was not a Sioux chief, he was a medicine man. He was a Shaman who used his abilities to help his people. Prior to the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull fasted and prayed and had a dream that foretold the outcome of the battle. This ability has been shared by many people in many different cultures throughout history. Among native people they are referred to as Shamans or holy men such as Sitting Bull.
I would explain the process in the following terms. When you fall asleep imagine that you travel down into a well spring of deep water and if you travel down far enough into this well you will eventually encounter the source that is common to all. Think of it as a vast ocean hidden deep in the earth that links all of these separate wells together. In this place the dream imagery and the paradigms of human thought are held in common. The shared images move from the depths of this place upwards and into each of our unconscious minds. It is the source of all human creativity. What flows upwards towards each of us individually can also travel in the opposite direction, back downward. In the conscious realm of the physical world our minds see an important event take place and the impact of that event upon our minds causes a ripple that can travel back down into this deep ocean. If millions or even billions of human beings see an event happen that shocks them and leaves an impression, then this mental energy flows down into the depths of this hidden ocean, the universal unconscious. The sheer force of billions of people seeing an event together has a tremendous energy like a huge wave that can travel backwards in time. It is my belief that premonitions spring from this energy.
It is difficult to speak about mystical experiences without sounding rather foolish. I often turn on the TV and see someone who falsely claims this ability in order to enrich themselves. You can tell a charlatan by the fact that they claim to be on a first name basis with God and will interpret the future for you for money. Prior to my mystical experience I was an Agnostic. I do not like to take things on faith. I never believed in God just because I was told God existed. I am a scientist and I believe in the scientific method and what I can observe with my five senses. I was originally an atheist who did not believe in God but because I was told to. I struggled to believe in God and wound up eventually something of an agnostic. I believed in something larger than ourselves such as synchronicity or more simply the concept of the interconnectedness of life and our collective fate. I believed that the parts of the bible known as the Gospels were probably largely the true words spoken by a mortal man named Jesus who lived and died. I was searching for the truth of our existence much of my life and the focus my concentration was on philosophy and science. I am the original doubting Thomas who only believes in what my five senses tell me, but I realize even the five sense can be wrong. I refused to take anything on faith and felt that a strictly religious education was short changing oneself. My parents did not give me religious indoctrination. I believe that all religions become garbled in translation from the original experience. I believe that large organized religions are political and economic organizations. My religion is the result of a singular journey and a singular experience that is difficult to describe much less replicate. I believe that any human being is capable of directly experiencing God.
It is my belief that I have been given this ability to put to the service of mankind. I hope to repeat and capture the mystical experience so that it can be experienced by anyone who wishes to. It is my hope that this experience will bring humanity together and create a spiritual transformation, much like orbiting the earth and seeing the planet earth as a whole often profoundly changes people. I believe people would be more likely to avoid war and work to end human suffering. I also feel that the human race has reached a moment of decision where it will either come together and identify with each other in a very fundamental and transformational way or it will continue on the current path and ultimately we will destroy ourselves. For this reason I am proposing a paradigm shift away from emphasis upon military spending and in it's place begin a shared humanitarian and scientific initiative to end disease and hunger and to decode the earth as a living system. No one nation can do this alone but it cannot be successful without the United States to lead the way. Marshall Gregory Thomas

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Collective Security, Genocide, and Human Rights Agreement:

Collective Security, Genocide, and Human Rights Agreement:
All of the people listening here today have contributed in some way in trying to end a terrible war. The war is not over and the world is not safe. It is not the end, it is perhaps, the end of the beginning. We do not live in a world where the future is already decided, the future depends on what you do today. There are a thousand permutations of possibility leading to the future for ourselves and our children. A myriad of doors are open and the ones that we walk through today determine the future. What all people everywhere are faced with is a cascade event where time and causality have led us to a turning point of epic proportions. Our actions are magnified wherein small decisions made or not made now can set in motion a cascade of events, that lead to larger and larger outcomes, both good or bad. The actions of free individuals working together now can have a greater impact on future events than at anytime in living memory. Utopian views of humanity or Utopian views of the future are unrealistic and destined to fail but without a concerted effort for a brighter and safer tomorrow, events may lead to a default world that is undesirable and perhaps worse than can currently be imagined. The basic idea is to begin a conversation about what kind of world we want to live in, and to take bold measures to make it happen. Social engineering can be just and successful if the measures to be taken are part of a consensus that is mutually beneficial and arrived at with agreement by 70% or more of national and international populations. Only initiatives that make sense and are attractive to the man on the street will work. Likewise if Utopian views of humanity are taken as fact and unrealistic expectations are institutionalized then terrible things may occur. Having said this it is inescapable that the future will arrive, but it is up to us to strive to make it one that we can live with. The future belongs to those who plan for it.
The Battle for Hegemony :
For hundreds of years there has been a battle between nations for supremacy. For Centuries Spain, France and England were contending, with Spain supreme in the beginning, then France had the upper hand, and finally England emerged as the leading world power in the 1800's. England was devastated after the two world wars as were the other colonial powers and America and the Soviet Union began their long struggle for supremacy known as the Cold War. The US basically won when the USSR went broke and the US became the lone world super power. Very rapidly economic reversals and military stalemates in small wars may have brought the political class in the US up against the hard reality that the age of empires was passing away or had already passed. This idea of a post empirical world is not universally held but certain facts can not longer be ignored. The US has the most powerful military technology and presently has no immediate rivals for military supremacy. However, one nation with less than 5% of the world population cannot sustain military and economic hegemony for very long if at all. America began as the original anti-colonial nation which defeated the world's greatest super power in a guerilla war two hundred and twenty years ago. The people of the US have historically had no taste for foreign intrigue and empire but the political and financial elites have had a hard time saying no to foreign conquest for the sake of wealth, power, and the usual motivations that drive men to want more than they can put in their mouths at one time. The people of the US have historically seen the role of US military might as the world's policeman, protecting freedom from tyranny and protecting the weak from the strong. If along the way the resources and wealth of nations fell at the feet of domestic industry then it was only a happy accident. Foreign intervention was either driven by our role as a protector of the weak or less admirable motives, suffice it to say, stuff happened along the way. America was not entirely without self interest, but in a world without a robust US, the last 100 years might have been disastrous for western civilization, and the human rights the world holds so dear. On the whole the American Century has been a very positive outcome for humanity. The present state of affairs in economic and military affairs is becoming more precarious and unstable. What is wanting today is a smooth transition to a new paradigm because nature abhors a vacuum. President Woodrow Wilson was an academic who saw the necessity of the League of Nations and the necessity of transitioning from a Colonial world to one where the emerging nations would at least have a say in their own destiny. The Colonial powers clung to a stubborn peace that caused famine among the enemy and the continued subjugation of those peoples deemed too inferior to manage their own affairs. The Colonial powers probably poured more money into their foreign holdings than they collected, but a powerful minority did reap the benefits, and foreign possessions were integral to how these nations saw themselves, as great powers on the world stage. Wilson tried to instigate a just peace, join the League of Nations, and slowly transition to a post Colonial period...but he failed. If Wilson's vision of a just peace, a fully functional League of Nations, and the gradual, step wise end of Colonial subjugation had been realized then the 20th Century would have looked quite different. The continuation of the Great War might not have happened, the League might have worked better, and the Colonial wars of liberation would have been unnecessary. In total the two great wars cost about 75 million lives and the wars in the second half of the century cost about 100 million lives. The record of treasure expended is not so clear, but must be accounted for as well. It is conceivable that WWII would not have occurred, and the small wars of Third World nationalism would not have happened, or at least they would not have cost as much blood and treasure as WWI and WWII combined...which they eventually did. One could argue that all could not have gone so smoothly and that nations and humanity would have found something else to fight about, and all that may be true...But lancing the boil of WWII and Vietnam, and a host of other wars could not have been a bad thing. Had Wilson succeeded in translating his vision, universal peace would probably not have broken out over the next 100 years but they would have had to try harder to find another reason to kill each other off by the hundreds of millions. The 20th Century is a history written in blood and the 21st Century is staring us in the face. What is advocated here is, like President Wilson, we propose our 14 Points and rally around the cause of peace built upon a new paradigm. First, we must avoid Utopian views of Mankind and the urge to form a one world government. People and nations desire independence of outside control, and a single world state could easily become a dictatorship. The main enemies of peace are the leaders of nations who make decisions to attack their neighbors, their own populations, and to build weapons of mass destruction for these purposes. The central idea is to affect the mental calculus of national leaders and dissuade them from making these kinds of decisions for personal or national advantage. Rules must be agreed upon that will stop the strong from taking over the weak. Minority populations within countries must be protected from elimination actions such as ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and genocide. Finally, the world wide arms race in nuclear and conventional weapons must be ended. The manner of formation and interpretation of these rules shall be a world court, a judicial body to interpret and order enforcement of the rules. The means of enforcement of this collective security must be real and as such must be a military force comprised of member nations capable of robust military action to enforce the judgments of the court. Without enforcement power all rules and laws are just words and pieces of paper. It is not the first time this kind of idea has been tried, and if it fails it will not be the first time either. If we succeed then the wealth of nations may be spent upon science and human health and well being, other than weapons of greater and greater destructive power. If we should fail, well then at least when Humanity sits among scattered areas of nuclear waste lands in 100 years, millions or even billions have died, and the earth lies in shambles, we can have the satisfaction of calling from the grave, "I told you so". In all sincerity we must try for the smooth transition that failed 100 years ago and we must succeed. Failure is not an option because WWI fought with nuclear weapons represents a disaster for Humanity so profound, it can scarcely be contemplated.
100 Ritual Schools of Thought Contend:
The concept of a multipolar world made up of many nations that are regional powers and who hold aspirations for global leadership appears to be the new reality. This new dynamic recalls the situation in Europe exactly 100 years ago when many nations held such aspirations and they formed interlocking alliances predicated on the concept of mutual defense. Stated simplistically, when one small nation attacked another the entire set of alliances drew all nations into a cataclysmic war that destroyed everything that had come before. The US can no longer afford to be the world's policeman and this is probably no longer desirable anyway. It can be proven that war is the natural state of humanity merely because that is what has always occurred. It is self evident that in the whole history of civilization there has only been a brief period of peace. Every new invention produced by the hand of man has first been turned not into a plow but into a sword. It is foolish to attempt to argue otherwise. When one looks at nature herself one sees conflict and the bloody struggle for survival dictated by the law of the jungle, the law of tooth and claw. Having noted this fact who could argue otherwise. Nature, if one peers deeper, does not in fact show us a bloody massacre at every turn. The males of the species, name any of them, battle for the position of dominance and the right to mate and sire offspring, but they contest in a ritual manner and when the loser is vanquished it is not to the grave, but merely to a lower rank within the group of males. Nature in her wisdom has decided that the males should contest with intensity and bravado, but not to the point of death or to mass slaughter. Such an outcome would be biologically wasteful, unwise, and self defeating. This rule holds as true for the common wild turkey as it does for the majestic lion. To contest until there is a slaughter en mass has been left to humans alone. Man is not the animal that laughs, he is the animal that makes war. Even though nature has frowned upon the idea, man has seen fit to institutionalize it and hold it high. It has always been with us and so it may always be with us until such time that the world is destroyed. There is no other conclusion in the age of nuclear weapons and even more devious and terrible inventions lurking on the horizon, and just beneath the surface. The world wide arms race is the never ending contest to invent such powerful weapons that no one would dare think to start a war. The problem is they always do start a war. Weapons labs and scientists with unlimited funds and time are driving us toward the day of the doomsday weapon and that day is closer than you think. Perhaps if war were a ritualized endeavor that was a contest between elites like the lords and knights of old, or a contest within certain parameters that constrained the slaughter while settling the dispute, then war might not consume the world entire. One suspects that such a new ritual could only hold for a finite period of time before the advantage of maximum force dictated someone must cheat and begin where we had recently left off. Thousands of years ago men chose kings but they were not the kings that we know today. The ancient kings were chosen as temporary totem figures, men who reflected the forces of nature. When drought hit the land sympathetic magic dictated that the king be bathed five times a day and be made to drink water prodigiously to appease nature and bring back the life giving rain. If a deluge of rain swamped their crops they behaved the opposite. The king was forbidden to bathe and allowed only enough water to sustain life itself. In short the king was a conduit to the powers of the universe, but he was like a totem doll, not a supreme ruler. If the drought continued they might eventually banish him or drown their king as a sacrifice to stave off starvation for the whole of the people. Eventually the king would be sacrificed, regardless of his utility, as a means of placating an angry and vengeful God. The original kings were allowed license for only a brief time and then sacrificed. It was bargaining with nature, plain and simple. If we give you this man's life then you might spare the whole of the people the terrible fate of disease and starvation for one more year. This use of a ritual king continued until one year a king who was more clever and fortunate than his predecessors decided that he, the king, should appoint another to be sacrificed in his place. He walked among the people and chose a perfect child, divine in origin, or so he said, to go in his place. The king remained in his seat of temporary power year after year while others went in his stead. In this way the ritual to appease the Gods was twisted into the form of king we recognize today. The king is merely a ritual sacrifice who outsmarted us all. Perhaps it was time for centralized leadership and this was an advantage to the people that before had not been necessary. Suffice it to say ritual has been tried before and it would only last until the advantage to cheat was too great not just for one man but for many ambitious men. Now we are brought back to the face of the present dilemma. If no ritual form of war will hold then what hope is there for a world soon to be groaning under the weight of ten billion souls, all packed into nations armed with weapons of mass destruction for which there is no defense. These overpopulated nations armed with aspirations and nuclear weapons will seek to turn the wrath of a hungry, thirsty, and angry people outward towards foreign enemies. Nations go to war with each other for many reasons, because they have been historical enemies, enmity between leaders, economic advantage, fear of being attacked, fear of their own people, dreams of epic conquest and eternal glory by their leaders, in short, ego. These and a host of other reasons often find their root in the leaders themselves. The nation state makes war when the leader or leaders decide to go to war. It is not a traffic accident, it is a voluntary choice. In addition to wars across borders there are internal power struggles that become civil wars along the lines of ideology, race, religion, or more often a mixture. In addition to full fledged war there are the crimes against internal populations such as ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the widespread torture and assassination of political enemies that most despots and dictators by definition engage in. In fact it is likely that half of all nations take aim at domestic enemies whom they arrest, torture, and murder at will. The internal bloodletting exceeds the external and is the future defacto mode of the modern state. The rise of technological power mirrors the rise of rulers who kill all their internal enemies and potential enemies before most of the targets even realize they are potential enemies. The 21st Century is about to invent the unbreakable technological dictatorship foreseen by George Orwell and Aldus Huxley, and it must be stopped. These must all be addressed in a coherent manner that is not Utopian but in a manner that dissuades, reduces, and finally abolishes these actions of mass murder. It is probable that these internal conflicts and activities may consume more lives than all the external wars in the next Century. In all these calamities named above there is a leadership and a group of people who are invested economically in the decisions to go to war or to murder. The rules of the road should address their calculations about why they war and kill and to influence this calculation to make such actions less likely to yield the results they seek, profit and power, and instead add up to hardship and imprisonment and death. To identify the enemies of humanity as those leaders and leaderships who war and kill and to separate them from their base population and their co-conspirators. To cut them out of the herd and to bind and neutralize them. This standard method and eventual fate of criminal leadership will make the calculations of future leaders more certain that the path of war, mass murder, and political torture and assassination leads nowhere. First there have to be rules and mechanisms to enforce those rules, and second there have to be examples of those leaders and their cohorts who crossed the line and paid the ultimate price. It is very likely that a few small wars against criminal regimes will be necessary to make the point that criminality is futility. At the risk of echoing Orwell, a few small wars will lead to peace...if we're lucky. To avoid large conflicts one must start at the bottom, the smallest nations and the most criminal of leaders. It will be argued that this is merely the tyranny of large nations over small states and some or many of the larger nations are guilty of the same crimes. The answer to that is yes, it is picking on the small nations, small nations run by tyrants who are bleeding their own people dry until they wither into skeletons and blow away. Do not feel sorry for these men. The method is to begin at the art of the possible and perfect this art of tyrant destruction and nation building upon a small canvas. Picasso did not start with Guernica. Yes, some, even many of the larger nations leaders are guilty of the same crimes, but how many firing squads can a man attend before he gives up murder. There are 200 nations and if 4-5 nations are regularly divested of their tormentors then in one or two generations even some of the biggest bullies on the block will think twice, or even thrice. That hesitation is exactly what our goal should be and in the end, twenty years, forty years, the rules of the road will become enshrined in the minds, if not the hearts of men. The quickest path to failure is to be too ambitious too soon. Be content with freeing the captive populations of small nations and like the business specialist who buys failing companies, reforms them by cutting the waste, promoting the good, and sharing the wealth borne of hard labor, so too might nations within a generation or less feed their own people, educate the children of the poor along with the children of the rich, and cease to spill blood to decide the questions that elections are made to answer. Chose the places where success is easiest and move forward from there. If this sounds Utopian then one must be forced to admit the following.

Without new rules in place to guide the international community hundreds of millions of people will be murdered in conflicts both internal and external, that is, civilians who will be killed by the military of foreign governments and by their own government. (The majority of war dead are civilians) War has not gone out of fashion in the 21st Century and the crimes of the last Century will be repeated. A WWI type scenario fought with nuclear weapons seems more and more likely every day. The United States and the West will be left to clean up the insurmountable mess, that is if they survive. The peace will be finite and more nuclear exchanges will follow the first. Should the current great powers emerge as victors they will be destroyed financially, politically, and spiritually. Their time of relevance will have passed. Out of the numerous genocide type events since 1945 none of them have been prevented even after the signing of enough agreements against genocide to wall paper a house. The United Nations was meant to save us from this fate but it has so far failed. One reason the UN has failed is that it represents the rights of nation states above those of individuals, and in the age of the coming technological dictatorship the rights of individuals are more in jeopardy than ever before.
World Court and International Bill of Rights:
Clearly a different plan is needed. A new international convention on war, genocide, and human rights is in order. A collective military force composed of divisions from member nations should be created that periodically practice together and is robust enough to defeat a determined foe. In short, the collective whole must be greater than any single one of it's parts. The mandate for the use of this new collective armed force is to guarantee the existing borders of member states ONLY. This means that if Iraq invades Kuwait the international force is required by treaty to use force to expel the hostile force and return the borders to their previous location. This mandate alone, enforcing previously agreed upon borders, is the sole mission of the collective armed force and these ground forces may not be used for any other reason. Great care should be taken not to allow the world to be split into opposing camps over this international limited use of force. The net result should eventually be a seventy (70) nation army prepared to defend the border security and border integrity of all member nations. This organization will preclude the necessity of any one nation being the international peace keeper for the entire world, will fill the void left by the US, and in practice will protect the weak nations from being absorbed by the strong ones. Nations with large standing armies may eventually through mutual agreement shift to a home defense posture in the absence of the need to project large forces over great distances. This process will take place by mutual agreements to reduce gross military budgets by 5% a year for ten years, followed by a few years of consolidation and verification and then continue the same process. This type of environment will not be easy to establish but if the largest military in the world follows through then momentum and convention will be established. What is being argued for is not unilateral disarmament, which was tried in the 1920's and when Japan and Germany rearmed openly without hindrance the war began again. Economic self interest and assertive populations must demand adherence from their leaders. There must be a mechanism for dealing with those who cheat that make this advantage unattractive. Let us sidestep the enforcement issue for a moment and acknowledge that preserving borders is very much akin to fighting the last war. Open war across borders may not be the biggest problem in the next Century.
I Say Tomato:
Genocide type events wherein heads of state mass murder their own citizens are more easily addressed. The international community will place a multimillion dollar bounty, dead or alive, on the head of a national leader who uses genocide and mass murder as an instrument of state power. Government ministers and generals may have multimillion dollar bounties as well. A special fund and special international court will be established for this purpose. The court will use and build upon the Nuremburg Code and definitions to determine when these definitions apply to national leaders and their functionaries. The definitions will be expanded to protect domestic political opponents from elimination actions as well as internal populations such as indigenous people and minorities. Any head of state who engages in such actions against their own citizens is an enemy of humanity and will be treated as such. Member nations will be required to detain all suspect criminals and curtail all related economic activity. Those who follow the rules and economically isolate the foe will receive just compensation from the member states. Military force along the lines of the air campaign used in Yugoslavia may be used to actively stop an ongoing genocide by attacking the hostile military force or it's proxy. The certainty by potential criminal heads of state will make the political calculation that genocide and elimination actions such as ethnic cleansing are not going to pay off if they face the certainty of economic sanction, limited military force, and eventual prosecution by the international court or arrest and even assassination by their own people. An international bill of rights will enshrine the rights of all people to basic human rights including the rights of free speech and the peaceful redress of grievances and other peaceful political activity and any head of state who violates those rights or allows their government to violate these rights individually or in a gross systematic manner such as unlawful imprisonment, torture, or murder of their citizens is subject to prosecution by the special court. The provisions for political rights lead to the use of court action against the government leaders but not limited military actions unless the sheer scale of repression crosses the clear lines the court sets for genocide, elimination actions, and related crimes. Limited military actions against an ongoing genocide, elimination action, or related event will be at the discretion of the world court and only arrived at with due deliberation and caution. It is better not to act and preserve the unity of the members than to act when the lines are not clearly crossed. Much will depend upon the wisdom and independent nature of the court. These international conventions will protect small nations, vulnerable minority populations, and political activists from destruction by the power of state leaders who wish to use mass murder and force against their weaker neighbors and internal political opponents. The international military force will probably have to demonstrate their resolve to use force to enforce existing borders, but after these first few military actions have taken place and been successful in their limited mandate it will be clear to future aggressors that violating international borders and invading neighbor countries is a road that leads nowhere. Likewise once the aggressive use of limited military force has been used to stop genocide, elimination actions, and ethnic cleansing and the criminal heads of state and government ministers have been turned into the international court during economic hardship for the reward and arrested or assassinated by their own people, then future potential genocides will be avoided. Mediation by the court of persistent conflicts and border disputes will ideally diffuse potential future conflicts.
How I Learned to Hate the Bomb:
Nuclear disarmament will preclude a large scale exchange triggered by events similar to those of WWI. The collective security paradigm will come about in stages.
First, Nations will join the international force by certifying their borders with their neighbors, then supplying a division(s), depending on their population. Nations will agree to defend international borders without exception, and in principle, to begin mutual defense spending reductions in future years, and eventual mutual nuclear disarmament. Member nations agree to contribute to the mutual defense and abide by the decisions of the World Court.
Second, Mediation of existing military conflicts and border disputes will go before the special court and will be decided there under binding arbitration rules.
Third, Signatory nations will agree to fund and staff the special court with nine internationally recognized jurists and to fund bounties placed upon criminal heads of state. They will agree to arrest all such persons within their borders and exclude economic ties with such persons and their dependents or agents. They will support limited military attacks such as air campaigns to stop genocide when called upon by the special court and supply the mutual defense forces to do so. There is no mandate for the military overthrow or invasion of a nation, rather they will exist to protect existing borders, enforce economic blockades, arrest criminal leaders, and in the extreme cases when necessary to use air power to slow or stop a genocide or related action. The ultimate target of military and economic force must be the criminal leadership and wholesale invasion of a nation does not fit this paradigm. If an extreme case is at hand a unanimous vote by all member nations will authorize invasion of a nation but only as a last resort. The members must remain united or a split will form that will set off a new chain of events and a new arms race.
Fourth, nations will agree to honor the international bill of rights to protect lawful speech and lawful political activity within their own borders. Nations will release all persons designated as political prisoners, and in return all past violations of human rights MAY be waved by the special court by mutual agreement.
Fifth, nuclear disarmament will take place in stages once all major nuclear nations join. Nations with many thousands of weapons will reduce to one thousand total. Nations with hundreds will reduce to one hundred, and the rest will reduce to one only. The next step several years later will take place after the nuclear fuel supply has come under international control, from mining to enrichment to fuel production and all future construction and operation of civilian nuclear power. An international corps will be charged with design and operation of all nuclear power plants of a standardized design and be charged with securing all nuclear materials. The international corps will take the form of a government and private industry consortium with shares held by construction firms and governments. Then nuclear nations will reduce by a factor of ten their weapons so that two nations have one hundred devices each and a few others have ten. The third phase eliminates all existing stocks save the two largest, which will be dismantled and placed under international control until the devices expire due to natural deterioration. If any nation manages to break the treaty and begins building nuclear weapons the treaty nations may reassemble the remaining 200 nuclear devices and use them if necessary to stop the emergent nuclear threat. All member nations will allow weapons inspections in all instances in all locations.
Finally, All nations who wish to may agree to the first four of these aspects of mutual law but any nation that wishes to remain within the mutual security agreement MUST agree to ALL FIVE of these aspects within TEN (10) YEARS time from the start of membership. Member nations are not bound to protect non-member nations from invasion but they are bound to support the provisions dealing with genocide and related crimes.
Home Defense:
These agreements will not change the world overnight, but when entered into in combination with economic development programs the synergy of economic and military cooperation will create advantages for members that other nations and their citizen populations will find desirable. It is estimated that the Cold War spending on weapons cost the US an amount of money equal to all the collective contents of the US except for the value of the land itself. Current defense spending in the US amounts to .54 cents out of every dollar spent by the government. The planned reductions in defense spending world wide will be translated into non-defense spending on the humanitarian and scientific initiative. By agreement the first ten years will see defense spending cut in half. It is then advisable to transform armed forces into home defense style forces designed to engage in defensive action with the exception of those units designated for mutual defense. Nations may require military training for all citizens who reach legal age but the investment of state funds in large scale weapons systems for home defense will be discouraged. Expensive weapons systems necessary for collective defense will be designated and developed by mutual consent of member states. Those national leaders who cheat will be identified and sanctioned by the world court. One aspect of the New Marshall Plan is the drive to increase the health, longevity, education, and stability of national populations in developing nations to near parity with those of the developed world. It is necessary for a mechanism for the people of failed states to exert their collective will to participate, even in environments controlled by hostile corrupt leadership. Hostile and corrupt leadership depend upon control of state or privately owned communications to manufacture consent for war and other aggressive actions. It will be necessary to put into place a world wide wireless broadband internet to void control of state communications that historically have been used to motivate populations towards war and genocide. Such an all encompassing communications medium will break the hold of propaganda programs that depend upon exclusive control of the message about matters as weighty as war and peace. An open source wireless broadband that requires only a modem and CRT screen to participate in the global discussion and marketplace will break the back of state controlled propaganda that drive people to make war and participate in elimination actions. The free and open flow of information helps create a global consensus.
The international community (instructed by the court) may hold a vote within any nation with a life expectancy in the bottom 50% of nations by agreement, or if not allowed to by a hostile government, then by electronic means such as by cell phone or wireless broad band with a majority (50%) of the population of age participating in the vote. If 70% of the people voting (out of at least 50% of the citizens) vote to participate in the New Marshall Plan then a mechanism for making that state a ward of the international community should be set into motion and the existing government hierarchy and ruling elite should be peacefully persuaded with monetary inducements and potential sanctions to allow a caretaker government to be appointed by the international community and the nation building program with clear numerical goals of a known methodology and duration be set in motion. The world court may employ an ambassador for this purpose and the development contract must be very specific about goals and time tables. The contract may evolve with a national consensus on targets for life expectancy, standard of living, population targets, ecological conservation, and industrial development goals. The ambassador will submit example contracts for discussion and consensus by the entire population that evolves into a consensus contract ratified by at least 70% of the people. Any nation with a life expectancy that is 80% of the world average is immune from such plebiscite. Smaller dysfunctional nations are the logical choice for such peaceful intervention and any nation with a population over 100 million is also immune from plebiscite. It is probable that collective security and the New Marshall Plan will take a generation to reach a tipping point, that is if the errors can be ironed out and enough momentum gained that the ultimate goals of peace and prosperity appear to be attainable. Choosing the first battles and the first national projects carefully will allow time to grow the staff and expertise necessary to succeed over the long term. Choosing the nine international jurists from among member nations will be done by mutual agreement and those established judges from stable independent judiciaries with the most votes will be chosen to form the first body. The basis for voting will be the written judicial decisions of the jurists during their careers. Since the developed nations will be supplying the expertise and resources these nations will choose the first court body based upon the size of their contribution to the New Marshall Plan. Decisions of the nine member court will be made by a majority vote. Choosing corrupt or incompetent judges will mean the court is fated to fail, while the choice of wise, cautious, and fair personalities will mean domestic peace and tranquility. After 20 years the replacements will be chosen universally from a list submitted by the community of jurists, with very small member states with populations below ten million will have one half a vote each. Nations with populations up to one hundred million will have one vote and nations with over one hundred million will have two votes. Nations with over three hundred million souls will have three votes. Bribes paid to influence the vote will disqualify the parties involved from participation for ten years time. Judges serve for life and may be removed by a unanimous vote of their peers on the court or by a three fourths majority (75%) vote of member states. All deliberations, opinions, and votes will be made public in writing within a reasonable period of their completion. Rash or unjust use of military force will result in a breakdown of the international force and refusal of member nations to participate.
Human Constructs Fail:
Evil men will still rule nations but their actions will be constrained by the possible consequences of judgments by the court of violations of law such as waging aggressive war, and being the recipients of personal legal sanction, economic penalty, and limited military action. It is certain that member nations will be tested from time to time. People act in their own self interest so it is only when leaders and citizens believe that these cooperative agreements and joint projects pay dividends to them personally will they be enthusiastic signatories to these agreements and initiatives. All human constructs are artificial and thus prone to failure, but if the use of force is made in a limited and conservative manner on a case by case basis and is neither too ambitious in application nor too hesitant as to be perceived as ineffective, then these agreements will over time have the desired effect of greater international peace and prosperity without creating a world super state, while preserving the rights of individuals and individual nations to self rule and self determination. The basic political unit of expression and action is the individual and not the state. The desired function of the world court is to harmonize and pacify relations between nation states and mediate conflicts. The court will ideally protect the rights of vulnerable individuals from the abuse of state power by national leaders. The potential targets of legal action by the court are the criminal leaders and leadership of nations. Dictators by definition engage in the violation of human rights and will gradually be made less viable in a new political environment created by the court. Captive populations will vote for freedom and humanitarian aid. Free and fair elections potentially provide a continuous change in leadership according to the wish of the people and make armed revolt and civil war unnecessary. The use of state power to subjugate the individual and by extension subjugate entire national populations and enslave or murder them has become more easy with the increasing power of technology in the 21st Century. A mechanism to curtail this power and stop hundreds of millions of innocent civilians from being murdered for political and economic gain is necessary. It is hoped that the crimes of the previous hundred years will not be repeated and that an international court will be able to stabilize and harmonize the world community without creating divisions among member nations or creating an all powerful world government that could itself be used as a means of political and economic subjugation. The use of legal sanction, limited force, and plebiscite have the potential to slowly transform the family of nations in terms of their economic, social, and political development. The creation of a collective defense paradigm and the end of the world wide arms race make it possible to displace military spending as the driving economic and political force among nations. The first ten years will witness the rise of collective security, a world court, international control of nuclear energy, nuclear weapons reductions, and the beginning of a humanitarian and scientific initiative on the path to end disease and hunger, and preserve the planetary ecology.
Marshall Gregory Thomas

One More Thing:
The glaring problem of instigating new governments in developing countries is one runs head long into the previous paradigm. International debt was engineered as a means of controlling developing nations and trading their mineral wealth for payment on the interest of debts that were created by giving loans of incredible size to dictators in the 70's and 80's that were never meant to be paid back. Instead of controlling the world with occupation armies and colonial possessions held in military bondage, developed nations used eternal debt as a means of forever holding subject nations in a kind of perpetual slavery through debt. The mineral wealth of these nations was extracted by installing a friendly regime and giving them enormous bribes in exchange for giving them exclusive rights for looting the wealth of the nation. The debtor nations could never hope to pay back the principle and in effect used their renewable and nonrenewable resources in trade to pay the interest. Whenever they were in danger of defaulting the IMF would step in and give them a loan in return for tightening their belts, which is a euphemism for starving their children and elderly. The vested interests who hold the debt of the developing nations as well as the multinational defense contractors represent a vested interest of very wealthy and powerful interests who will have to be in effect bought off in order to move forward. In addition the international mining interests who have a huge stake in the nonrenewable resources of developing countries will also have to be given a consideration for their existing contracts and considerable investments in foreign operations. It is possible to coerce the defense contractors by giving them contracts on a cost plus basis to switch to development type contracts to build a public health infrastructure and agricultural infrastructure. The international mining interests must be given assurances that their existing contracts in developing nations will not be voided and that they will have access to these resources for the foreseeable future. If any attempt is made to run the defense contractors out of business or to cut off the mining interests from their access to the resources of developing nations it is highly doubtful that the humanitarian and scientific initiative will succeed. The defense contractors will probably accept a development package for individual nations on the basis of cost plus 15%. Mining corporations have had a much better deal and they will probably have to be given an exclusive right for decades to mine all the natural resources of a given country they have sunk costs into in exchange for a smaller return on their investment. These kinds of bargains will be necessary to avoid political battles that cannot be won with entrenched interests. The important thing is to secure the long term peace and prosperity for developing and developed nations. The equitable division and management of renewable resources will also be a part of any contract between the international community and developing nations. The area near the equator holds 50% of all known species of plants, animals, insects,etc and these should be preserved by direct transfer payments of 15 billion a year or some similar sum. This large sum will secure the forests that function as the lungs of the planet and most known life forms. Renewable resources such as timber, wild game. and fishing rights will be managed in order to maximize the yearly harvest into perpetuity. This means resources will be managed to last forever and to allow people to harvest the optimum amount per year. These quotas will be determined by biologists and will take into account the need to maximize wild life diversity as well. In other words fishing interests will take the maximum possible without destroying the resource or the wild life who share the resource. Example: Cod harvests might be optimal at 15% of the yearly population, or 5 million tons, taking into account the 2 million tons eaten by other species. Thus the cod populations do not decline radically from year to year and fishermen and other species are all in a state of equilibrium. It is human nature to harvest a nonrenewable resource until it collapses or goes extinct and this can no longer be allowed to proceed unchecked.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Logical and Reasoned Arguments

Three previous illegal government programs are being replicated today. Cointelpro hit lists of political activists, MKULTRA behavior modification experiments using torture to break down the human mind to control it, and weapons development programs using human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons experiments. These have all been enfolded into a single program using the military strategy known as force multiplication to accomplish all three aims in one single terrible program of torture to modify behavior, experimentation to perfect weapons, and murder of people on a hit list.
The case being made is based on Four Main Facts, these four facts are the bare bones case to avoid confusion, disinformation, and circular arguments that lead nowhere. MKULTRA took place at over 80 institutions and the current illegal program is equally complex. The four facts are all that is necessary to convince a reasonable person that this atrocity is really taking place and demands immediate action. ONE: public microwave weapons exist, TWO: There is a long criminal history of the exact same activity, THREE: There are credible witnesses, victims who fit a profile, FOUR: there are Persons of Interest in military intelligence in charge of developing the weapons who should be investigated.
ONE: The Weapons Exist, Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public EM weapons. The Russians used microwave weapons to attack Americans in Moscow in the 1950’s. In response the US began a secret crash program to develop microwave weapons.
TWO: The Criminal History, There is a criminal history dating back to 1943, a prior pattern of criminal behavior...half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in NBC weapons development programs. Cointelpro government hit lists of political activists and MKULTRA behavior modification programs using torture. All of these illegal government programs escaped detection for decades and no perpetrators were ever punished.
THREE: Credible witnesses, The Victims, There are perhaps several thousand people who have been claiming for years that they are targets of classified nonlethal microwave weapons assaults and organized stalking. The author has interviewed more than 200 targets in person and documented their stories. Most are political activists and whistleblowers who are forty years old, have an IQ of approximately 120, and share other commonalities. The majority of the targets fit a common profile similar to the previous programs.
FOUR: Persons of Interest, Military intelligence officers who are persons of interest who have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army, publicly advocated using them on civilians, and given the classified weapons to local police. They promote borderline beliefs and superstitions as part of a cover up.
These are the basic facts reduced to their bare minimum. There is much more evidence available in my books and films, and on the blogs there are supporting government documents, military science papers, nonlethal weapons scientists papers and patents, newspaper and magazine articles, authoritative books and films, and in the testimony of experts and witnesses.
The five reforms are the means to end the secret dirty war; 1. Disarm all electromagnetic weapons systems. 2. Open all records and archives. 3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission, and for those who resist, Nuremburg like tribunals. 4. Convene an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons and verification systems because we cannot accept the government’s word alone that the secret dirty war is over. 5. Finally, an international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush its internal enemies. If a President or general imprisons, tortures, or murders their political enemies then they must be sure that they will end their days in a prison cell.
There are four goals to make sure this never happens again. These four goals represent the intent of repairing damage done to Democracy and the intent to spread Democracy, human health and security throughout the world in a peaceful manner. Over time to engineer a more peaceful world.
ONE: End the secret dirty war using electromagnetic weapons through the five reforms.
TWO: Domestic political reform to strengthen Democracy and repair the damage done.
THREE: End the world arms race of nuclear and conventional weapons through collective security agreements.
FOUR: A New Marshall Plan of scientific and humanitarian initiatives to replace militarism as the driving economic and political force. More about the four goals later.
When the Russians attacked our embassy in Moscow with microwave weapons in the 1950's the US started to develop microwave weapons in secret. There are public nonlethal microwave weapons like the active denial system (ADS) and miliwave radars but where are the weapons that kill? The Russians developed microwave weapons that kill by stopping the heart, causing cancer or other terminal diseases. The US has also developed these kinds of lethal microwave weapons capabilities but has kept them secret because if the American people saw human beings killed by heart attack, or by cancer then they might object to the weapons as immoral and dangerous.

If the US had weapons that could kill anyone anywhere without leaving any physical evidence and only a select few knew of their existence wouldn't they tempted to use them for their own purposes. The power to kill anyone anywhere is an absolute power that corrupts absolutely.

If the intelligence agencies have a proven history of criminal behavior targeting activists and the current targets are political activists who are claiming they are being targeted with weapons similar to the ADS then shouldn't the intelligence agencies be investigated?

During the Cold War the Army and others used over half a million US citizens in weapons development programs. Do you think they just stopped abruptly at the end of the Cold War out of a sudden sense of morality? If they could continue without the risk of getting caught wouldn't they be tempted to continue?
Thinking abstractly, if you had a mass murderer who had tortured and killed half a million people and he got away with it, and you suddenly gave him a weapon that could kill anyone anywhere without the risk of getting caught, what do you think he would do then, would he just stop out of a sudden new found sense of morality?

Military intelligence officers in charge of nonlethal weapons development and government physicists who invent nonlethal weapons technologies for the Army are also loudly advocating borderline beliefs and superstitions like Doomsday cults, alien invasions, and remote viewing. Remote viewing is sold online by Army intelligence officers, in effect saying if you give me your credit card then for $2,500 we will teach you super powers of the mind so you can see on the other side of the world to spy on the Russians or other unlikely uses. If this is what they are saying then should they be believed or should we be skeptical and look more critically at what is going on. The stories of superstitious like belief systems do not go together with US Army weapons development programs, one of these things does not belong with the others. They do however go together with the concept of the Big Lie used as a smoke screen operation to cover up a large scale operation that military intelligence is trying to hide. Army intelligence first used this technique for the D-Day invasion in WWII. Army intelligence created a fictional First Army Group around General George Patton to mislead the enemy about where the invasion will take place. The imaginary army had fake radio traffic, inflatable tanks, even fake landing craft. The Nazi high command was so fooled that weeks after the Normandy invasion they were still holding their Panzer tank divisions in reserve waiting for the real invasion at Calais. The Big Lie is used to cover up the real operation like chaff that planes would drop...thousands of strips of aluminum foil so the Nazi radar would show one giant blob and thus the planes were rendered invisible.

Persons of interest in the intelligence agencies have been in charge of nonlethal microwave weapons development for the Army since 1980 and worked at government weapons labs like Los Alamos, where the atomic bomb was invented in secret. They have expressed interest in using nonlethal weapons to modify human behavior and neuter people. They have publicly advocated using EM weapons to attack civilians in their homes. Some of them have been instrumental in moving the classified military weapons from the DOD to the DOJ and into the hands of local law enforcement for use against, “domestic enemies and domestic disturbances”, which is vague enough to mean anyone. None of these intelligence officers and scientists are superstitious or believe in the borderline ideas they promote. The superstitions like remote viewing are a smoke screen by Army intelligence to cover up the development and use of EM weapons. These men are experts in psychological warfare operations with over 45 years experience in the art of misdirection, subterfuge, and counterinsurgency warfare.
It is important to understand the type of person we are dealing with. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had evidence in his files on Presidents and Congressmen that detailed their personal lives, and made them afraid to fire him. Hoover and the FBI targeted activists organizations and individuals in operation Cointelpro. Hoover personally wrote the late Dr. MLK in an attempt to make him commit suicide. Hoover's career stretched from the 1930's to the 1970's when died in office because he wanted to stay in office. This was unprecedented for one man to control one of the most powerful agencies in government for so long. This is the kind of power that we are faced with, men too powerful to defy, too powerful to cross or they might be politically or physically destroyed. Anyone who commands the power to assassinate anyone in a way that appears to be a natural cause of death is able to get away with murder. It is the perfect crime. This capability is exactly what we are faced with, the ability to kill anyone with plausible deniability. If J. Edgar Hoover had access to these weapons he would have used them on people like the late Dr. King. with impunity.

Cointelpro targets included the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the environmental movement, and even the women's movement and opposition political parties. The use of infiltration, psychological warfare, harassment through the legal system, and violence, including murder, began in the 1950's. The theme of forced suicide is repeated on other Cointelpro targets. Forced suicide on a target allows plausible deniability for the crime. In effect, it is the perfect crime. The theory of counterinsurgency operations dictates that infiltration and “psychological operations” be mounted against dissident groups in “normal times,” before any mass movement can develop. The favorite tactic is the “snitch jacket,” where suspicion of being an informant is used against legitimate leaders. Operatives disrupt meetings; spread rumors; start disagreements, and aggravate rivalries and jealousy; and to lead activists into danger and set them up for prosecution. False news stories, forged documents, and anonymous letters and phone calls, pressure on landlords to evict targets, and on employers to fire them, make up just some of the strategies used to destroy the lives of activists. These programs went silent for a time then re-emerged in the 1980's. Infiltration of anti-war groups is a common part of the current war on terror.

In 1953, CIA officer Richard Helms chose Dr Sidney Gottlieb to run the TSS, the dirty tricks department. Operation Paperclip recruited Nazi scientists and technicians to help the US destroy the USSR. Gottlieb used Nazi scientists and their state of the art mind control techniques that had been perfected in concentration camps. Nazi scientists experimented extensively with children and adults using mescaline, electro-shock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, torture, rape, starvation, and trauma bonding. According to MKULTRA documents and sources, the methodology of mind control works best when severe trauma is administered by the age of three years old. Severe trauma will cause the personality to split or dissociate in an attempt to shield the mind from memories of events too painful to endure. It functions much like partitioning a computer hard drive. The Three Faces of Eve is the true story of a woman’s multiple personality disorder, which had been created by childhood abuse. Trauma causes the dissociation. MKULTRA documents state that the method works best when the trauma is repeated around six years of age. A few years later, the child victim’s IQ test and personality tests are evaluated to determine whether the child may be trained in espionage roles. Years later the subject may be hypnotized and used for operations, after which they would have no memory of events and be consciously aware only of a sense of lost time. In the 1977 Senate hearings, former CIA director Stansfield Turner stated that the program took place at 80 institutions, including 44 universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals, and 3 prisons. The current program may be equally ambitious.

Cointelpro type operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave weapons. INSCOM is perfecting nonlethal microwave weapons and at the same time neutralizing potential enemies by enfolding all the previous illegal government operations into one program as a force multiplier. The legacy of half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons experiments during the Cold War as well as Cointelpro and MKULTRA crimes against humanity lives on today. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for elimination using electromagnetic weapons. The targets of nonlethal microwave weapons fit a common profile similar to the targets of previous illegal government programs. People with a history of political activism or whistleblowers are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of non-ionizing radiation. These political assassinations are accomplished with technology that often leaves no obvious injuries. The theme of forced suicide has remained constant. What is different is that driving a target to suicide using microwave weapons is perfectly deniable because individuals are tormented invisibly. The intelligence agencies have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes.

Investigative reporters have independently corroborated these charges being made. They have written and stated that Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has a secret weapon, revolutionary breakthrough in electronic warfare capabilities. A secret weapon that can track and kill anyone in their area of operations day or night, in any weather, perhaps even inside buildings or under ground. JSOC has a death squad operating with a hit list carrying out assassinations outside the normal chain of military command. This is against US and international law and is congruent with the charges made by political activists and whistleblowers that they are being targeted with classified anti-personnel microwave weapons.

When military science papers refer to nonlethal microwave weapons they use the term Revolution in Military Affairs, or RMA. An example of an RMA is the invention of gunpowder or the invention of nuclear weapons. The invention of firearms meant that every weapons that came before it was suddenly obsolete, swords, spears, bows and arrows were all but useless and a few hundred or a few thousand men armed with firearms could take over entire nations and turn the existing military, political, and social structure upside down. If the Nazi's had invented nuclear weapons in 1940 and had a few hundred or a few thousand nuclear weapons they could have taken over the entire world. According to the military doctrine papers this is what we are facing today, speed of light weapons that trump all other existing weapons and make them all obsolete.

The Russians attacked the US embassy in the 1950's with microwave weapons and it was kept secret until the 1970's. If the Russians could get away with using the technology against the US, the greatest superpower, then what chance would a single individual have against this kind of state sponsored high tech terrorism.

The targeted individuals fit a common profile. Most are 40 years old, have an IQ of 120, and have a history of political activism. In light of previous illegal programs like Cointelpro, MKULTRA, and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons development programs that used human guinea pigs it is important not to dismiss these reports out of hand without a thorough investigation. There is more evidence free online in books and films titled MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program. The blogs include government documents, scientific papers, expert testimony, military doctrine papers, books, films, and victim testimony.
Hundreds and perhaps thousands of innocent people are being attacked with microwave weapons every day in their homes and work places. They are living a nightmare that you can’t imagine. The electromagnetic weapons attacks employ a decoy and deception strategy to make it nearly impossible to tell who is attacking you or how the attacks are being accomplished. If the EM anti-personnel weapons were public you might believe them, as it stands now they have no chance.
The Russians have had EM weapons for decades that can kill large animals at a distance of half a mile. By the 1970’s the Russians demonstrated in the laboratory the ability of microwave weapons to neutralize individuals, control riots, debilitate opposing military forces, and enhance the performance of their own special operations forces, referred to here as the super soldier concept. Were the Russians the only ones smart enough to develop anti-personnel microwave weapons?
The active denial system (ADS) is a public microwave weapon that that has been redesigned to be a kinder gentler microwave weapon. The electronic beam instantly heats your skin to 130 degrees F and it feels like you are touching a hot frying pan but does not immediately burn you. Second and third degree burns are possible depending on the distance to the target, the power setting, length of exposure, and the health of the target or human being. Normally microwave weapons heat up people just like a microwave oven heats up food. So where are the weapons that haven’t been tweaked to be kinder and gentler?
Powerful American microwave weapons exist and they’ve been kept secret because they are VERY powerful. If the American people saw humans beings killed by induced heart failure or cancer they might object to microwave weapons as immoral and dangerous. The military and intelligence agencies do not want a public backlash against weapons they are pouring billions of dollars into. These weapons are the perfect tool for espionage operations and are very versatile and give you more bang for the buck, they are cheaper in comparison to other weapons systems. For this reason these weapons will never be made public or given up by the intelligence agencies.
Elite physicists have been funded by the DOD and others to develop microwave weapons that couple and interact with the human central nervous system without electrodes. There are many scientific papers that have been classified retroactively but there are many more that remain public. There are hundreds of public patents for microwave weapons that both interact with and attack the central nervous system. Today there are similar medical technologies for the disabled, paraplegics can control a wheel chair with mental commands and even video games can be played with no hands by moving the cursor with the eyes.
Milliwave radars are see through wall radars used by the military for house to house fighting because they see through normal building materials and the human beings inside are plainly visible. Miliwave radar can be used outside a building to see though several walls into the interior of a building and into a crowded room with enough definition to identify a single individual in a crowded room. The water in the human body lights up with great definition. The entire world has been turned into a fish bowl. What would the American people think when they realize they no longer have privacy even inside their own homes.
The political and military elites are effectively above the law due to the National Security Act of 1947 that allows people in government to claim national security exceptions court and cover up criminal wrong doing. Judges accept the claim of national security which amounts to the argument, "trust us or our enemies will learn our secrets". Why is it that the last time anyone said anything bad about an American general it was Benedict Arnold. Wearing the uniform of the US, or any other country, does not mean that men stop being human and imperfect. The power to kill anyone anywhere is an absolute power that corrupts absolutely. The NSA Act was first invoked in court in 1953 when a B-29 crash killed the civilian aboard the widows sued the government. The DOD claimed national security and the records were sealed. Many decades later the records were unsealed and there were no national secrets to protect, only crimal negligence by the government. This was the first time the NSA Act was used in court and the pattern has repeated itself to allow the DOD and others to avoid criminal penalties. It is the perfect get out of jail free card.
Military intelligence officers are using the latest classified anti-personnel weapons technology to target potential enemies and anyone who might attempt to stop them.
Benedict Arnold was the most infamous traitor in US history and is perhaps the only General who is viewed as a threat to the Republic. He sold information to the British and could have cost America the war. Many of the founding fathers considered a professional officer corps and a standing army as a threat to the Republic. The US did not maintain a large standing army until after WWII. Thomas Jefferson established West Point to train an officer corps and enshrine the concept of loyalty to the Constitution and civilian rule. General James Wilkinson was head of the Army in 1805 and after he died it became known that he sold information to the Spanish about US plans and forces. Wilkinson had conspired with Aaron Burr to take over Mexico and the world's richest silver mines, and also to set up their own empire within disputed territories in a kind of kingdom in no man's land. General George Washington is revered because unlike other famous military men he declined power for himself, and this set him apart from the normal characteristic of men to grasp for power. General Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, and General Wilkinson represent the norm in human behavior. Modern weapons and surveillance technology now make it possible for a few well placed men to exert power over the life of the nation where previously it would have taken an army to do so. The US and the world are facing a moment of truth.

The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the Vietnam War as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly in the Mind War paper written for Army intelligence by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. The claim of sabotage by domestic enemies as a reason for losing the Vietnam War was once a borderline view but has now become the premier narrative of the neocons. This claim of betrayal by domestic enemies is the exact claim made by the German Army after their loss in WWI. Conservatives and ex-military leaders began to be critical of socialists, communists, and Jews who were seen to have "stabbed them in the back" on the home front. US military intelligence officers and others with hard right wing ideologies have followed the well worn path of blaming their political opponents with actions tantamount to treason and using that as an excuse to eliminate them. These charges of torture and murder are the most serious accusations ever made against US government employees and are not made lightly.

In WWI the US Army created the military intelligence division (MID). The MID was small but multiplied it's force by using a domestic vigilante force called The American Protective League consisting of several hundred thousand vigilante members during WWI to "keep watch over suspicious activities" and suppress resistance to the war. The leaders of the vigilantes were made official officers in the MID in an attempt to control illegal activity by the vigilantes.

During WWII Army intelligence became embedded with regular army units and became more professional and powerful. At the start of WWII the Mafia burned a troop transport in a demonstration of their power. In order to avoid problems with the war effort the government released the mob boss Lucky Luciano and deported him to Italy. Afterwards the mob and the intelligence agencies worked hand in hand. Mafia assets in Italy assisted in the Italian campaign and after the war they controlled the docks and displaced the Communists. In subsequent years they continued to work together in operations such as assassinations. The Mafia claimed they were two sides of the same coin.

Many targets are also victims of organized stalking, called gang stalking, mobbing, or street theater. The targets are victims of a sophisticated smear campaign to the effect that they are criminals such as murderers, rapist, drug dealers, child molesters, undesirable elements who must be driven out of the community. The stalking game uses low level attacks such as cursing the target in public everywhere they go, bumping into them on purpose, blocking maneuvers, starting arguments and fights, forcing car wrecks, break-ins to steal their possessions and personal papers, vandalizing their cars and homes, sabotaging their computer, harassment at work, noise campaigns such as blasting music from a neighboring apartment all night. A symphony of attacks that after a few weeks pegs the stress levels of the targets at an artificially high level until they lose sleep and remain psychologically traumatized. This is a strategy that might be termed the death of a thousand cuts. These tactics are similar to the Army’s use of biscuit teams, an individually tailored campaign of psychological attacks designed by a medical doctor, a psychologist, and interrogation specialist to individually tailor a campaign targeting cultural and personality weaknesses. The biscuit teams are using many small stress factors like extreme temperature, stress positions, constant light or dark to distort time, sleep deprivation, continuous loud sound attacks, humiliation, sensory deprivation, isolation, constant physical threats, terrible odors, and other techniques to slowly break down and psychologically destroy the subject without torturing them in the traditional sense.
The Russians used their mental health care system as a strategy to silence political dissidents. By the 1960's the USSR was worried about world opinion and was entering into the era of detente with the US. The USSR could no longer openly imprison their political dissidents and shoot them in the back of the head as they had traditionally done in the past. The Russian government used forced institutionalization of their political dissidents into mental institutions and forced them to take powerful experimental drugs to destroy them. A US Army study in 1972 entitled, Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR, describes how experiments were used on Soviet dissidents to, “make them give their will over to some superior outside force”. This description is very similar to descriptions of the experiences of the current victims of nonlethal microwave weapons attacks. The US Army study categorized all the potential types of non-traditional torture used by the Soviets on dissidents. isolation, temperature, light, sound, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, fake firing squads, and basically the same techniques that the US Army is using today. In addition the Soviets studied the use of electromagnetic weapons on dissidents and after they were forced into mental institutions an electromagnetic weapon called the LIDA was used to "pacify" the patients. These techniques and these weapons were used to break them down in behavior modification experiments, purposefully turning them into psychiatric cases. It is these very same techniques described in the lengthy 1972 Army study that have now been adopted by the US.
It is inevitable that the targets will be called crazy and the program will be explained away as mass hysteria. This has happened to people used as human guinea pigs in the past. Cointelpro and MKULTRA used the strategy of making the targets look crazy as part of the strategy for keeping the operations secret. The half million people used in NBC experiments, the targets of Cointelpro, Project MKULTRA, all the previous victims were discredited in this way. The human radiation experiments began exposing thousands of unknowing Americans to harmful or lethal levels of radiation in 1943. In 1947 Mr. Elmer Allen was injected with plutonium in the left leg and the next day the leg was amputated. He told his best friend and his family doctor back home in Italy, Texas that he thought he had been used as a human guinea pig. His best friend didn’t believe him and avoided him and his family doctor classified him as a paranoid schizophrenic in his medical records. His family didn’t find out the truth until years after he died. In 1995 the government decided to go public and held hearings and issued a report but no one was punished. The hearings functioned as a white wash. The political activist targets of Cointelpro were depicted as paranoid when they claimed the government was following them and harassing and sabotaging their lives. When anti-war activist Abbie Hoffman told the government, the press, and his family and friends that he was being targeted most of them refused to believe him and avoided him. It was only when friends of Hoffman broke into FBI offices and stole documents that proved the FBI was spending nearly half it's resources on Cointelpro that the press believed him. MKULTRA survivors still live in fear in the shadows today. If victims tell a doctor or therapist that as children they were drugged and tortured in government labs in behavior modification experiments to purposefully induce multiple personality disorder they will be permanently classified as paranoid schizophrenics in their medical records. This functions today as a means of keeping the worst aspects of MKULTRA a secret. MKULTRA was designed and run by government funded psychiatrists and has evolved into the current program of microwave weapons torture and organized stalking. If one thinks abstractly about the problem one would have to admit that it is inevitable that the current MONARCH victims be smeared as tin foil hat people and cases of mass hysteria because all the previous victims of illegal government experimentation and targeting have suffered the same fate. To say that it can’t happen here or that something this big cannot be kept quiet is untrue because all the previous illegal programs involving a half million victims did happen here and they were kept secret for many decades. The argument that this can't happen here and if it did, it could not be kept secret for very long are false arguments. The use of human guinea pigs by the DOD for weapons development programs successfully used half a million citizens without pause or interruption. Cointelpro operations waged counterinsurgency war against progressive organizations and made hit lists of individual activists beginning from at least the 1950's and continued for decades. MKULTRA behavior modification experiments traumatized children and adults, breaking minds and lives without serious interruption from 1953 until the late 1970's. These atrocities did happen here, they continued for generations without serious challenge, remaining completely off the public radar. To claim for one minute that the current illegal operation targeting activists and whistleblowers with torture and murder using the latest military breakthrough in anti-personnel weaponry is not only a false claim, its criminally negligent. In the end the guilty parties got away with it every time. No one went to jail or was punished for Cold War weapons development programs. The figure of half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs is the governments own figure and is a conservative estimate. Cointelpro was never fully made public even though Congressional hearings were held. Agents reported that the worst crimes were never committed to written records. The only two FBI men who were ever convicted were pardoned by President Ford. MKULTRA is still largely an unknown since the hearings focused on only the tip of the iceberg and the victims have been intimidated into silence and still suffer in the shadows even today. If the full truth came out that the intelligence agencies had systematically tortured small children in government labs in an industrial manner their reputations would never recover.
Demands for air tight proof are impossible to meet as long as the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are allowed to use national security exceptions in courts of law. This game of “trust me or our enemies will learn state secrets” allows criminal acts to be covered up for decades. The human radiation experiments were successfully covered up for 50 years as were all the other illegal programs. The only way air tight proof of this secret war can be obtained is to break into Fort Meade Army intelligence headquarters or Fort Meyers, NSA headquarters and steal government documents. Even this may not work. Political activist friends of Abbie Hoffman broke into FBI offices and stole Cointelpro documents and leaked them to the press. Congress held multiple hearings years later but no one ever went to jail and Cointelpro never completely stopped, it just went dark for a few years and then reemerged in the 1980's. To demand air tight proof is unreasonable in the extreme and impossible under the circumstances. One might as well demand a spontaneous confession by mass murders. Rattle snakes don't commit suicide, you have to chop off their heads. This case presents much more evidence of crimes against humanity. The weapons are proven to exist, there is a prior pattern of criminal behavior, credible victims and witnesses have testified, persons of interest are named who have developed these weapons, written about how to use the weapons, advocated using the weapons, given the weapons to local law enforcement, and participated in a cover up. In view of similar programs in the past that went undiscovered and unpunished a different strategy is necessary. An independent special prosecutor is needed to investigate these crimes, one without ties to the military or government and with sufficient time and money to complete the job. A Congressional Commission must also begin to attack the program.
It may be the case that the microwave weapons technology is too overwhelming for ordinary means to deal with and that recourse through the legal system alone is insufficient to stop the perpetrators. It is equally likely that overwhelming military force may be the only sufficient answer to the problem at hand. If this is the case I recommend that the elite army intelligence brigades commanded by the perpetrators be placed under outside military control. This could best be accomplished by the 101st and the 82nd airborne divisions. Five reforms are recommended to end the secret war as well as the four goals to heal the damage done to our nation and the larger world and make sure that these types of crimes against humanity never happen again. The world is facing more than the loss of a few thousand do-gooders, the future at stake and the freedom in jeopardy is your own.
After WWII the US and the USSR descended into the Cold War. The evaluation of the American military was summed up by General James Harry Doolittle (USAF): It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game…if the United States is to survive, long-standing American concepts of “fair play” must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever means than those used against us. He declared that a dirty war was going to be waged, a secret war between desperate men who would stop at nothing to win. The most obvious results of the 45 year Cold War were the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at US and USSR population centers and the trillions of dollars spent to create the strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction. But the most important legacy of this war are the patriotic crimes carried out on behalf of the American people, without our knowledge, and the corrosive effect of sustained war on our democratic institutions. For this reason the author is advocating a complete paradigm shift away from the concept of fortress America and towards a world wide effort to pacify nations and populations with a coordinated humanitarian and scientific initiative. Initiatives designed to create a more peaceful world using collective security agreements, biological sciences, agricultural science, and the latest breakthroughs in human health to give people a stake in their own future that precludes the need for violence as a form of advancing state power. Marshall Gregory Thomas